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About Me

Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Packaging, Corporate, Instructional, Technical, Editorial, Web Content...

...and just about anything else where words really matter.

The Long and the Short of My Story

(Okay, I admit it, before you get in too deeply, there's nothing short about it!)

So, who am I, professionally speaking? Well, I can certainly send you a generic resume, but we all know, resumes rarely capture the essence of who someone is or what they can bring to the table. I am still happy to send you one, if you'd like.
     Though my background and experience may be similar to some, my path to get here is a bit more interesting and warrants further detail...Show more
Yes, I'm a writer, award-winning designer/art director, seasoned creative director, and was once considered by Graphic Design USA magazine as one of the "top-100 designers in the country," yet a producer of quality print communications is only part of who I truly am. My work, alone, does not define me. I also spend a lot of time smelling the roses, if you will. And, many of those roses have helped shape some of my perspectives on life in general...Show more
I have twice owned small businesses. One was a well-respected marketing communications firm (DEDG). I had many large clients on the roster over the years who seemed to have deep pockets to pay for my company's creative services. However, I also handled smaller, local businesses, some of whom had very limited budgets. Having been a small business owner myself, I could easily relate to their struggles...Show more
Yoga by the Ocean
Me at helm as gale is starting to build.

A Few Samples of My Work

I'm an experienced writer, but I started out as a designer and art director

on Madison Avenue in NYC, working at one of the largest ad agencies in the world.

I then built one of the most highly-regarded marketing and corporate communications design firms in the area. Here's a small collection of samples, both design and writing,

from my past and present. Click on each to see a more detailed description.

The Country Club Mock Up.jpg
By The Sea Cvr.JPG
Big FishTop.JPG

Published Articles

& Written Work


(Golf humor, with a point)

Saving Your "Sole"--WindCheck Magazine

(Comprehensive Instructional Article)

Anchoring Justice--Northeast Sailing Life


Race to Bermuda--Northeast Sailing Life

(A 12,000-word Blog Article)

A Golf Christmas Story--Team Titleist, LegitimateGolf, et al. sites


Is That All There Is?--No, There's More. Call me.

Media Genres/Applications

  • Advertising

  • Marketing

  • Commercial

  • Corporate

  • Brand Imaging

  • Packaging

  • Instructional

  • Technical

  • Journalistic

  • Public Relations

  • Editorial

  • Blogging

  • Social Media

  • Web Content

... and just about any other discipline where words matter.

I'm available to help small companies––and midsize to large ones, too––on a consultative basis,

with their strategic marketing content, technical or instructional writing, editorial articles or nearly anything else where words and graphics are used to communicate a clear, suggestive or evocative message. One that makes sense to the reader and inspires him or her to react

with an affirmative response; be it to pick up the phone, click on a link,

or simply to laugh at a few words to which they may relate.


From content, product or service advertising and marketing;

to blogs, manuals and entertaining articles online or in print, my awareness and

understanding of the reader's perspective is just one of many elements of which,

I believe, sets me apart from simply writing a bunch of copy like the next guy.

What They're Saying


Doug is truly a talented writer, and like many of the best, he writes the way he speaks.

He has a uniquely distinctive voice, the voice of an interesting, subtle mind.

He might be writing a piece about golf, but the story is typically about something deeper:

the fragile nature of self confidence, how quickly it can disappear in the face of adversity, and the struggle to regain a sense of mastery on the 'battlefield' of sports. Not easy stuff to describe, but in Doug’s hands, the story and the deeper meaning flow effortlessly.

He is terse, precise, funny, and trenchant, with an eye for detail and a natural ability

to set the pace and to bring the reader along for a wonderful ride."

Bernard Wysocki

Prize-Winning Financial Writer,

The Wall Street Journal (Retired)


Doug has created works of art for me, time and time again. From writing and design work to even complex projects on my boat, he is more thorough than anyone I have ever worked with. His attention to detail is second to none and his desire to do the best work is unmatched. Some of the projects I have seen him execute seem comparable to that of brain surgery, and he goes after them with the skill and precision of an accomplished surgeon.

"I met Doug back when he owned his highly-successful communications firm. We each owned boats on the same dock. He was one of the most respected yachtsmen in the area at the time. He often helped or guided me with some of my boat projects. His work was superior to all others who had worked on it previously and his work ethic was unquestionable. Consequently, now when I need marketing communications help for my company, he's the guy I call.

There's no question beforehand about how well things will turn out.”

James H. Laurence


Axtell Technology Group, Inc.


Golf, as I see it, is no leisure activity, nor is it a mere game. Rather it is an everlasting struggle, against both the elements and the self. Only a select few seem able to suitably capture such an endeavor with words. But Doug truly gets it. I am always interested in what he has to say about golf (and sailing, among other subjects). His writing is always clear, vivid, and compelling. He's a deeply respected voice in our community of golf-obsessed and whenever he speaks we all listen, and usually end up inspired to get out there ourselves and play.


Doug's the author of one of my all-time favorite golf tales, a painful account of the time one of his errant shots smashed into a house---the one belonging to the guy he happened to be playing with that day for the very first time! On the one hand it's a great golf lesson on the power of visualization and why you should never---even for a second---picture your ball flying towards someone's house. But in Doug's retelling it is also a very funny, cringe-inducing, Larry David-worthy scene featuring a set of beloved antique wind chimes shattered into pieces, an inconsolable lady of the house, and one awkward apology. I only wish Doug wasn't such a good golfer, and would hit more balls into such situations."

Jason Won


Contact Info:

Let's Chat About Your Project.....

and Maybe Talk a Little Sailing or Golf, too.

Feel free to call me at the number listed below, fill out this form, or just email me directly through your own mail system. The address is:

I will get back to you in a timely manner, no matter which.

For the record, I do not market heavily. Should you decide to fill out the form, you can rest assured that you will NOT receive constant emails from me. 

Just curious:

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Here's my 2-sided virtual business card. Call me for a real one.

(203) 526-3972 •

Based in Frederick, Maryland. Available Wherever the Internet Can Reach.

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