Corporate Communications "LPEP" Brochure

Copywriting/Design/Creative Direction by Douglas Ely, The Doug Ely Design Group, Inc.

When Iroquois Gas Transmission System planned to build a natural gas pipeline from the Canadian border, down through New York State and Connecticut, then across the Sound into Long Island, they faced a challenge. There was marked apprehension and concern among the businesses and residents of the 60 communities through which the 375-mile pipeline would pass. So to give something meaningful back to each of those communities, Iroquois created the Land Preservation and Enhancement Program. A series of projects designed to upgrade or create open-space recreational areas.

LPEP ultimately provided lasting benefits within each of the 60 communities. To publicize LPEP's impact, Iroquois tasked my communications firm to create an extremely informative, corporate style, yet engaging and friendly 24-page booklet listing all 60 projects and highlighting a select handful with more in-depth vignettes. The cover, a few spreads and some listing pages are shown below. This piece appealed to environmentalists, politicians, corporations, and the public-at-large. And, it won multiple design and communications awards for my company.

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